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Ceramic IR Transmission Metre

This Ceramic IR Transmission Metre makes selling ceramic film as easy as pressing a button.  We have seen "one man shops" increase their weekly sales by over $3000  simply by adding our Good, Better, Best sales method and this Ceramic IR Transmission Metre. 

This box is not like the others!  This sales display has Two compartments that allow your customer to put both hands beneath a glass test slide at the same time for comparison, ensuring that the full effect is achieved.  The Ceramic IR Transmission Metre has built in cooling fans that automatically run after each test cycle, which rapidly equalize the temperatures allowing for repeated tests.    

These units are manufactured to the highest standards using all steel construction.  All units include built in digital thermometers for each side and digital displays showing the increase in temperature during the test cycle.  This is by far the most professional unit we have seen. 

4mm Float Glass Slides with Polished Edges 220x165 Required.   If unit is to be used in rapid succession for long periods we recommend using toughened glass slides

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