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Luxe FX Series Carbon Fiber

FX Series films are sometimes printed, and are always laminated with only the best cast overlaminates from 3M and KPMF to achieve special effects.  Premium quality cast vinyl film specially developed for wrapping vehicle lights and trim with translucent effects tinting the lens while letting light pass through. Luxe LightWrap™ materials are superior quality, cast PVC films that offer exceptional dimensional stability and excellent long-term durability, they offer excellent cutting and weeding properties, and are suitable for applications in outdoor and indoor environments.

This is LightWrap™ in its purest form. It has been designed with the professional in mind, and offers the maximum in conformability and speed of install. The true cast construction means ultra durability and a very minimum shrinkage, which means you can stand behind your work and wrap very intricate things like chrome trim with no fear of it pulling back when installed correctly.

  • Film Type: Cast
  • Adhesive: Slide able, Repositionable clear semi-permanent removable acrylic adhesive with micro diamond air release
  • Application Type: Dry
  • Recommended Uses: Automotive Lights, Headlights, Taillights, Chrome Trim, Mirrors, Bumpers, Accents & Trim, Boat Windows, Soft Top Windows,
  • Conformability: Flat, simple and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
  • Thickness: 3.2 mil
  • Durability: Up to 10 years
  • Removable: Up to 3 years  
  • Luxe LightWrap FX Series Carbon Fiber is available in two shades:  

    The Light is 45%VLT        Mid is 24% VLT                Available by the metre 

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