• dirty Tyre Cover on truck
  • Dirty Tyre Cover on truck
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  • image of tyre gaurd

Dirty Tools Tire Guards Set Of Two

These Shield your tires during the process of polishing and coating your cars and trucks with Dirty Tools Tire Guards. These specially designed covers provide exceptional protection, ensuring that your tires remain pristine while you work on enhancing the appearance of your vehicles.

Crafted with durability in mind, our tire covers are constructed from high-quality materials that effectively shield your tires from unwanted polish residue, coatings, and other potentially damaging substances. This protective barrier helps maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your tires, preventing any accidental spills or splatters from marring their surface.

Dirty Tools Tire Guards offer a secure fit and easy application, allowing you to effortlessly cover your tires before starting any polishing or coating tasks. The elasticized hem and adjustable features ensure a snug and reliable enclosure, keeping the covers in place throughout your work. When you're finished, simply remove the covers, and your tires will be ready to shine.

By using Dirty Tools Tire Guards, you can work with confidence, knowing that your tires are shielded from any potential scratches or stains caused by polishing products or coating solutions. Protect your investment and achieve professional-grade results with our tire covers, specifically designed for tire care during polishing and coating applications. Tyre guards can keep your PPF and Ceramic Coating jobs cleaner and keep the wheels and tyres protected from splatter when doing paint correction. Sold as a set of two.

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