OZ Window Films Ceramic Black Xtreme

This film Is exatly as the name says, Black!  If you are looking for a film without compromise, then here it is. 

OZ Window Films Ceramic Black Xtreme incorporates ceramic technology to produce a metal free, colour stable window film that is ideal for demanding automotive enthusiasts.  

Some of OZ Window Films Ceramic Black Xtreme Nano Ceramic performance shades are spectrally selective-blocking infra-red heat while letting in visible light.  These high visible light transmittance films are perfect for restrictive local tint laws or when you want solar and safety benefits without the traditional darker appearance.

The Ceramic Black Xtreme range offers 99% UV rejection and the time tested pressure sensitive adhesive installers love for ease of installation. This film offers up to 85% Infra-red heat rejection against the harsh Australian climate.

The Ceramic Black Xtreme films are backed by our Limited Lifetime Coast-to-Coast warranty service and dealer network. 

Available in a full range of VLT's including 5%,15%, 20%, 30%, 35%,40% and 86%  

Available in 20, 30, 40, and 60 Inch Rolls and 60in Rolls Slit by Your Request

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