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Xtreme Garage Flooring By The Box


Top Quality Workshop / Garage Flooring at a reasonable price. PP construction which is waterproof and chemical resistant. Our tiles are made from 100% new PP not recycled like many competitors and then treated with a permanent non slip coating. These modular garage tiles are easy to install and cover up ugly old concrete and painted floors, cracks are no problem just tile right over them. No special preparation is required, just a good sweeping or vacuum before putting them down.  

Xtreme Flooring will let the water drain away allowing the tiles to dry very quickly creating a safer workplace. No more standing in puddles! The flooring is tough, strong and looks fantastic, a rolling load of over 8 tonnes is no problem. We run a forklift over it all day with zero problems. If one gets damaged, simply pull it up and replace it. 

This Flooring is sure to impress! Workshop, Garage or Man Cave. 400mm x 400mm x 18mm. 

The price is per box of 30. 

Click Here for single tile prices

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